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All our players are part of a unique worldwide network of thousands of drummers, who don't necessarily speak the same language but share the same rhythmic connection.

Once trained, Batala Manchester members can perform at amazing gigs locally, nationally and internationally with any of our sister bands, experiencing new cultures and making new friendships and global connections.

We take on drummers with experience from time to time and recruit new players through "taster sessions" and "beginner courses" once or twice a year. No prior experience is necessary for these.

To get your name on the waiting list to join, add yourself to our "Bee hive" group on Facebook to be amongst the first to hear of the next available opening for experienced players or new trainees.

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Apply for our beginners course

An 8 session samba reggae percussion course to prepare you to join the band and perform with us, locally, nationally and globally - starts 23rd April for 8 sessions, see application form for more details


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"The learning course exceeded my expectations & I’m loving it. You’ve provided a safe and trusting learning environment & it’s working well. I thought I’d get frustrated but I’m not, I’m enjoying the evolution of my own skills & the group"


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