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Support us

How you can help

Batala Manchester is just getting started, but there are some ways to help us to grow:

Be a gig steward

What does it involve?

We are looking for people to help us at our gigs. This is a voluntary role, you will be provided with a high vis vest and any necessary equipment. You can pick and choose what you'd like to help with from the following and drop us a line to be added to our contacts:

  • Ensuring drummers stay hydrated whilst performing

  • Assisting with crowd control 

  • Handing out flyers to help us recruit new players

  • Collecting donations with a bucket at our charity gigs

Take photos/videos for us

How to go about it

At our launch gig we were surprised to find a lot of photographers filming and taking really good photos and videos of the band and sending them to us afterwards. We know every keen photographic eye has their own unique take on capturing the moments before them. We are super keen to hear from anyone wanting to attend one of our gigs and shoot for us in return for a credit - send your name, email, phone number and if possible a sample of your work to

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