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Batala Manchester

Who we are and what we do

Footage of our sister band Batala Lancaster performing at Highest Point festival in 2022.

Batala Manchester is part of a samba reggae movement, created by Giba Goncalves in 1997, aiming to bring Brazilian Candomble percussion from Salvador to the streets of the world. 


Batala Manchester is the newest of 9 sister bands in the UK, and nearly 50 around the globe, dedicated to sharing Giba's music. As a community project, we welcome people from all walks of life, and provide opportunities to learn his captivating rhythms, weekly at Chorlton High School.


With dedication, our members get the opportunity to perform at a wide range of events, locally, nationally and even globally, by joining up with our sister bands, known collectively as "Batala Mundo". We take bookings from clients for festivals, carnivals, nightclubs and daytime public events throughout the North of England. 

Batala Mundo

Our family and history

Batala bands teach and perform in their own local communities, but  we are all connected as part of a worldwide family of percussion consisting of nearly 2000 members. When people join Batala, they say it changes their lives. It's more than just a drumming band, it can change your outlook, and your view of yourself by how it connects you to new people.


Batala creates a cultural fusion through a shared passion, and new bonds through a mutually understood rhythmic language.  Engaging with Mundo teaches you new ways to communicate and express yourself, in a tapestry of rich cultural diversity.

At any one of the regular "Mundo events" that take place around the world, Batala Machester members will get the chance to travel, grow their connections and experience new horizons.

The Drums

4 types of instrument, 1 sound


Repinique means 'repeat' in Portugeuse. This is the loudest (and smallest) drum with the highest pitch, that acts as the 'Soprano" of the rhythm. It plays the higher tones in the "call and response" with the dobra.

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Caixa means 'box' in Portugeuse. It has a rattle and plays every beat in a 16 beat bar. It serves as "the carpet" for the other drums to play over, and  provides a "richness" to the overall tone of the band.

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Dobra means  'double' in Portuguese.  With its medium-high frequencies, it is used to support the melody of a rhythm and plays the deeper tones in "call and response" with the repinique.

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Surdo 1+2

Surdo means 'hollow' in Portuguese. They are the largest drums in the band and with their low frequency they set the timing marks for the other drums.

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